Italo4ever – Dystopia (Extended)

New song "Dystopia" ! I'm happy to share with you my new production called "Dystopia". A little bit more modern voice but always Italo Disco ! I hope you appreciate 😉 Stay informed by regularly visiting my website Italo4ever  [zoomsounds...

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2 Projects on the way !

2 new productions very soon ! I worked on two new song. They are 90% finished. First called "Dystopia" use a mal voice "litlle more modern" as usual but music is 100% Italo disco. Second, called "Love will survive" use a female voice and is more classic 80's. I hope...

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Italo4ever – Magic story (Italo mix) (2021)

Magic story continue ! I'm pleased to share with you the Italo mix version of my last song "Magic story".I composed it at the same time as the space mix version. I decided to share this alternative version with you.I hope you appreciate. Stay informed by regularly...

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